Why should I use assessment as part of my selection process?

Using validated assessment instruments and structured interviews can provide you with additional objective information that will aid in making higher quality hiring decisions.

Our solutions are not designed to replace your interviews, reference checks, etc.  We simply offer another step that will strengthen your assessment process. Hiring higher quality people will lead to increased productivity and lower turnover and absenteeism. 

What types of characteristics do you assess?

Before implementing an assessment program, we work with you to identify the specific skills, values, and traits that you want in your candidates or team members. Once we do that, we identify instruments that will accurately measure the relevant characteristics.

We measure things such as cognitive ability, critical thinking, introversion/extraversion, conscientiousness, and emotional intelligence, among many others. 

What does your coaching process look like?

We begin with an assessment, which may entail measures of personality or ability and/or customized 360s.  Once we establish a baseline, we work with our coaching clients to identify both strengths and developmental areas before we set clear goals for our work together.  We focus on accountability and we assess our progress regularly throughout the process.